Thanks for sharing this. The method is appealing in its simplicity, but the subtle challenges arise when the person focusing on these 6 priorities is working interdependently with others. S/he may require input from others or may be helping others. If that's the case, it may make sense to work on priority two or three while one awaits feedback on a draft of a section of priority one, for example, before completing it. Or there may be pressing incoming communication whose response is more valuable sooner than later in a collaborative environment β€” i.e. a colleague asks for quick feedback on something they have to finish that day. So while in theory the simplicity is appealing, the challenges in implementation of a method like this one may benefit from additional nuance in addressing how this works in modern collaborative work situations.

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I've read this before but you've presented it very effectively.

Thanks a ton!

You are totally total and the master of all masters. :-)

However, this point is not completely clear:

"Little discipline and commitment to work through the list for the day. " [#2]

Do you mean you must have the discipline and commitment to work through the list for the day


it needs very little discipline?

(I think you need the former. The "little" is a little misleading.)

Sorry for nitpicking.

I'm looking forward to reading your 20 reasons in the next issue.

Many smiles and much metta,


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